Birthday Party Policy

Birthdays are special days, and we like to acknowledge them.

We celebrate each child's birthday on the day nearest the actual date. Our celebrations are low-key, and vary little for each child.

We request only ONE TREAT PER CHILD and NO baked goods, decorations, balloons, or party favors. NO guest entertainment is allowed.

We provide a list of children and their birthdays early in the school year to help parents coordinate birthdays with other families and the staff. Birthday acknowledgements are at snack time or during lunch. As you know several children are allergic to many different foods, so we have authorized a few particular treats. Parents are welcome and may bring to school for all (38) children or for the children in their child's group (19) ONE of the following treats.

Suggested (Authorized) Treats

  • 100% fruit juice Popsicles (Dole, Tropicana, Hood)
  • Fresh fruit kebabs
  • Homemade 100% fruit juice ices (no nuts or chocolate)
  • Fruit or flavored yogurt cups (no nuts or chocolate)
  • Frozen yogurt (no nuts or chocolate)

If you are planning to bring in ONE of our choices for your child's birthday, please notify the head teachers at least 24 hours in advance.