Bake Sales

Our goal is to raise $1,000 dollars each bake sale to benefit the Lemberg community!

When and Where

To Help

It's easy to help us! We need parents to staff the table and sell goods, as well as to bake delicious goodies! Watch for emails from the office for links to sign up for baking or staffing the table. Also, let your friends know about it and invite them to the Facebook Event!

Ideas for Baked Goods

Cupcakes, rice krispy treats (always popular), cookies, brownies, loaves of bread like banana or zucchini. (A good sized loaf can go for about $9.), special breads or other savory things -- not everyone has a sweet tooth. If you do not like to bake, there are easy boxed mixes from Trader Joe's for pumpkin spice bread, brownies, coffee cake, and more that have always turned out well. Feel free to make things not listed. Whatever you make, please package them nicely! Please specify what you will be bringing when you sign up.

Worried about dietary restrictions?

Counting Towards Parent Hours

Your time can be counted for your parent hours. For baking, you can count up to 2 hours per parent -- however if you bake and bring in A LOT we can be persuaded to count it for more hours.


Although it is more work, please try to package your goods attractively as this makes selling them more successful (and at a good mark-up!). The goal is to have a lot of quality items that can be sold at a decent price ($2 apiece at the lowest). Do not price your goods. The people at the table will do so. Please clearly label all items that contain peanuts or nuts -- these will be marked with different colored stickers from the office.

Typically, individual packaging for goods is best, for example a baggie of a slice of banana bread or of 1-3 cookies depending on size, however variety is a good thing! Whole loaves of breads, pies, and little festively packaged bags of goodies can be good sells and we welcome them.